Costume model B-121

The costume is used by the staff of clean-rooms 3 ISO and lower (zones C-D according to GMP).

The costume consists of a jacket and a pair of trousers.

This costume has the following details:

  • one-piece front,
  • one-piece back with tucks,
  • hidden clasp,
  • one-piece sleeves with cuffs,
  • collar,
  • vents (they are located in the sleeves and in the middle seam of trousers),
  • tucks (only for sizes 46-66).

The fit of the сostume is provided as follows:

  • neck – due to a collar which is fixed with the help of a button,
  • waist line - due to an elastic braid and a polyester cord,
  • wrists - due to cuffs, fastened on buttons with the possibility of adjustment;
  • ankles - due to an elastic braid, which is upset in the middle.

All seams are edged.

On the outside of the left sleeve and trousers is situated a lining with the inscription "Garments for the staff of clean rooms", with a table of processing cycles and the date of production of the product. There is a free space for the consumer to apply identification signs.

The design of the costume provides only women's variant.

It is possible to manufacture products of the following sizes and growths:

  • sizes - 40-42, 44-46, 48-50, 52-54, 56-58, 60-62, 64-66;
  • growths - 146-152, 158-164, 170-176, 182-188.

The costume can be made of polyester fabric with carbon thread, polyester - cotton fabric. The product can be sterilized in standard modes (120-132°C, 20-45 minutes) and withstands at least 75 cycles of "washing - sterilization."

The costume is recommended to be used with a pair of shoe covers and a set of underwear

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